Monday, January 31, 2011

Less Words, More Food 5.0

The end of January already?? Where does the time go :)  Hopefully its toward eating , drinking and being merry! This month I had the privilege of taking care of a Farmers chickens, feeding and egg collecting duties everyday.  Was a lot of fun, Ive handled more eggs in the last month than my whole life combined I think ...  with approx 50 a day x 30 days = 1500 eggs !!  Wow, all from 65 birds... and in the middle of winter!!  So Ill start with the barn and move on to some food.   I'm almost caught up :) All of these are from 2011!! lol Enjoy

Love old barns

Almost all the chickens :) Its Feeding time!! 

Making a pot of beef stock, Roasted the bones for extra flavour, some onion and garlic thrown in for good measure. 

A childhood dish revisited ,  Pork chops in a garlic mushroom sauce , with peas and roasted potatoes.  

Pulled Pork on Toasted Ciabatta bread, with onions , mushrooms , and peppers. 

An earlier blog post - Bacon Hummus :)

So there you have it , Ive just one more post to make , and I'm all caught up!! Happy Cooking !