Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beef & Mushroom Frittata 10 with 5 recipe # 3

I was off to a slow start with this challenge, but have been picking up speed nicely since getting the first one done  and out of the way.  Ive already eaten and photographed #4 :) and have the next few already planned out.
So on, to today's photo recipe ... and post number Three.  Frittata's are one of my favourite meals, I usually have them on the weekend when I'm clearing out my fridge.. but they can make a nice easy dinner too.   This one was a little special for me , as I actually collected the eggs myself , just a few hours before making this.  Which reminds me , I should do a follow up post on egg collecting .  :) This is a medium sized one, good for 2 for dinner or 4 for lunch .  

You will need :

1/2 pound of ground beef - This was my favourite:  local, free range and grass fed .
4 large eggs - Preferably free range farm eggs
2 med/large onions
6 cremini mushrooms
1 red bell pepper

The assembled ingredients. I should point out that this is actually a pound of ground beef,  I only used half of it for the frittata , the rest was saved for another dish.  

All sliced , you can slice them how you like , but bite sized is best 

I like to crack my eggs into a mixing bowl early , helps them come up to room temperature, add a little freshly cracked black pepper.

In a medium oven safe frying pan , start by browning the beef . Add a little sea salt and black pepper . Once brown, remove from the pan, saving a table spoon or two of the fat .  

Add the mushrooms to the pan with the beef fat .  Give these a minute or two by them selves.  

Before adding the red  pepper and onion,  sizzle for a few minutes stirring occasionally . You don't need to cook this all the way thru , a little past half way is good. Preheat your oven to 350F at this point.  

Add the ground beef back in , stir to mix it up well.  Give the eggs a light beating ... or  whisk to your hearts content .  I prefer the light method as the whites will show through when cooked.  

Before adding the egg , make sure the pan is evenly distributed.  Once you add the egg in you wont be able to move it around anymore.  I simply pour around the pan in a clockwise pattern, ending in the middle of the pan. 

After a couple of minutes on medium heat, it will start to thicken around the edges, I like to take a spatula and gentry break the edge all the way around.  I'm not sure exactly what this does ... but I'm sure it makes it easier to remove it later . That's it, into the preheated oven for about 7 to 10 minutes.

When the middle is set , and you can slide the frittata around in the pan its ready :)) See how the egg whites show through , by using a lightly whisked egg.  

Slide it out onto your cutting board and slice like a pizza.   Enjoy :) 

Final product : Beef & Mushroom Frittata

There you have it ,  simply , healthy , quick , and affordable !!  It was a little different only using 5 ingredients, as this is usually filled with everything that's left over from the weeks cooking ... but I was really impressed.  I will have to make remember to have a simple on from time to time.  I love this last pic , with the steam wrapping up around the sides :))) Mmmmmmm Happy Cooking :)