Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vegetarian Eggplant Curry - #10w5 - 4 Good Food, Cheap 1

From being behind a week on posting , I'm actually now a week ahead of myself. The next 6 posts have all been photographed, I just need to write them out .  ( The hardest part for me ) So that brings us to today's recipe,  Vegetarian Curry , a first for me.   Not the curry part ,Ive made loads of those over the years in all sorts of different styles, just never without meat .  Also , Ive never used Indian Eggplant before , so this dish was a little interesting for me.This is one of those quick and easy meals, it can be ready in under 45 minutes , with only a few minutes prep.  and for the people like me that are on a budget , this one is really cheap,  total cost about $5 for enough for 4 bowls full.    

You will need for this recipe. 

1 Can of Chick Peas - Or 3 cups of dried ones soaked over night, and boiled $1.00
1 Jar of Whole Roma Tomatoes - Homemade if possible $ 0.50
5 Indian Eggplants ( Baby Eggplants ) $2.50
6 or 8 Mushrooms - Again , I only seemed to have white on hand. $1.00 
3 Tablespoons of your favourite curry powder.$ 0.25

The stars of the show,  Chick Peas, Indian Egg Plant, White Mushrooms, Madras Curry , My home canned garlic/basil tomatoes :)  

First thing I did was to chop the ends off the egg plants , quarter them, a light spray of olive oil so they don't stick, and a sprinkle of coarse sea salt.
Second things is to get the chick peas boiling, while you get started on the mushrooms. 

Rinse the mushrooms, I like to remove the stems ( save them in a freezer bag, for future uses stocks, or mushroom paste ) then quarter,  a quick pan fry before adding the other ingredients will get some colour on them.  

This was my first try at canning, and it was a major success, I bought 50lbs of tomatoes for $18, a few hours work, and I saved a bundle :) and had 25 jars full to show for it.  My latest curry powder to try...  smells great!  Nice and hearty. 

Just dump the tomatoes , liquid and all into the pan with the mushrooms.  They will break up and help make the sauce.  I added 3 tablespoons of curry powder to this , was just right.  

I like to boil canned chick peas before using them,  double rinse and a boil for 10 minutes seems to remove any processed taste. Strain and add to the pan.  It might be a good idea to save a 1/2 cup of the cooking water, just in case.  The tomatoes were very juicy , and it wasn't required here.   

Everything should be simmering along nicely .... 
After roasting for about 25 minutes at 350F the egg plants are ready.  

Add the egg plants in for the last couple of minutes,  stir well, breaking up any large tomato pieces with the spatula. Simmer until you like the consistency.  

I tend to like mine a little thick.  Here you have it ,   my second ever vegetarian recipe :) Turned out well, but I must add it tasted even better the next day , when the curry had intensified.  

There you have it, my fourth installment in the 10 with 5 challenge, and a few firsts for me thrown in for fun as noted above.  Also I should add , this was the first in what I'm hoping to become a regular series, called Cheap Eats...   everyone is on a budget these days , so I figured why not share my knowledge of how to eat , good food cheap. At a $1.25 a bowl, I'm pretty sure this one qualifies :)  Maybe you could share some tips back ?? Until then,  Happy Cooking :)