Wednesday, October 8, 2014

An Afternoon in Farm Country

Love wandering the hills this time of year ...  the weather is cool , and the leaves are changing .  It's like a free show from Mother Nature , it doesn't last , so best to enjoy it !

Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Lights

Found a little footpath the other day ... just had to go explore .  Was treated to some lovely colours ! 

Autumn Lights
Prints Available here :

Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome to Fall 2014

Welcome to Fall .... 

I have a love \ hate relationship with fall :) I love it for the colours , and those rare perfect days , when the sun is beaming down and the leaves are blowing around .  I hate it because .. it means summer ( my fave season ) is over :((  Its time to clean out most of the gardens , close the pool and get ready for the deep freeze !  
Enjoy the show :) 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love Hummus !

Love homemade hummus !!   I made two for a neighbor's pool party  .. on the left is a spicy chili, roasted garlic and basil .. on the right , a roasted red onion , thyme and fresh garlic :))  MmmmMmmm just add some 9 grain crackers and your set ! Total cost for both $5 ( 20 people snacks worth ) The garlic & herbs were from my own garden too , making it extra special :)

#Simplegoodfood #GoodfoodCheap #RichsgoodFood ..
Here is one of my original recipes for hummus    :

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Lilies

HDR of my newest lilies :))  #richfletcherphotography #flowers #lilies

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sausage n Broccoli Pita Pizza

Love making pita pizzas... so simple, so quick and extremely delicious !
I recently had my first attempt at homemade sausages ( Garlic n Onion ) and just happened to have a couple leftover ...  So .. I just had to try them on a pizza .

Ingredients : ( Per Serving )

1 Whole Wheat Pita 
 1 Cooked Garlic Onion Sausage ( Sliced ) 
1/4 of a Red Pepper ( diced ) 1/3 head of broccoli ( small florets ) 
1 cup of cheese , blend of mozzarella, and 5yr old cheddar ( sliced of shredded ) 4 cremini mushrooms ( sliced )
Splash of EVOO
Salt n Pepper to taste 

Crisp up the pita in the oven , 3 or 4 minutes per side at 350f 
Arrange the sliced sausage, broccoli, mushrooms and red pepper, 
sprinkle with a little salt n pepper 
Cover with the cheeses , and back into the oven on an oven safe plate 
about 15 minutes at 350F , or 3 minutes under the broiler ... 
and you are ready to eat !  

I usually leave mine in for a few more minutes as I prefer it extra crispy , however ... I was too hungry ! 

Simple, Good Food .. and the best part is its inexpensive and you can use whatever you happen to have in the fridge .

Peace , Love and Good Food

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Roasted Chicken Pasta Bake

Love making comfort foods,  not only are they delicious , but they are usually very simple and cheap .... not that I overly like the word cheap ... preferring frugal , but it seems to fit !   I even named a recipe series after it .. Good Food , Cheap !  Hahaha This one certainly fits the bill with a total cost of under $10 ... and 6 to 8 servings :))   $1.25 a plate sound good for a balanced meal ?

Ingredients : 

One Pound of Pasta ( Rotini ) 
One Pound of Roasted Chicken ( leftovers )
One Jar of Stewed Tomatoes ( homemade )  
One head of Broccoli  (small florets )
One Red Pepper ( sliced )
A Handful of Cremini Mushrooms (sliced )
A Couple of Onions  (sliced )
A Couple cloves of garlic ( minced ) 
A 1/4lb of Mozzarella ( shredded )
A 1/8lb of Aged Cheddar ( shredded )
A 1/16lb of buffalo parmesan ( fine shred ) 

Prepare the pasta as per the packages instructions ... cutting short the cook time by a minute or two helps with the finished dish I find :)  Assemble all your ingredients ,  and start building dinner ... pasta in first ( I use my lasagna dish )  then add the chicken, onion , mushrooms & stewed tomatoes ...   season at this point , S&P , Italian Herbs ... diced garlic :) mix it up well, and pop into a 350F oven for about 20 minutes .

After twenty minutes ..  and the cheeses and broccoli , and back into the oven for another 15 to 20 minutes .  

Ta....  Da !!!   Dinner is served :)  Just let the pan rest for a couple of minutes , before digging in ...  

Portion it out , add some garlic bread or a caesar salad if you like and enjoy !  

There you have it ...  My Three cheese Pasta bake ...   you can easily substitute any .. or all of the ingredients and make it your own dish :)   I hope you enjoy !  

Peace, Love and Good Food

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crispy Paprika Pork Skillet Pizza

Just love my latest creation ....  Mashed Potato Skillet Pizzas :)) 
So good, so easy , and I must say ..just a tad addictive ! 
It has gotten to the point where I'm making mashed potatoes just to make this,hahaha

Ingredients :
2 Cups Garlic Mashed Potato
1 cup Crispy Paprika Pork
1/3 Red Pepper , Sliced
4 Cremini Mushrooms, Sliced 
1/2 Yellow Onion , Sliced
1/2 Cup Aged Cheddar,  Sliced & Crumbled
1/2 Cup grated Mozzarella 

( Crispy Pork..   Sliced up Pork Loin .. caramelized in a pan with hot smoked paprika, butter and S&P .. simply pan fry it on low for an hour or so , stirring occasionally ) 

Preheat oven to 350F , pan can be preheated too if you like.  
Drizzle the pan with a bit of EVOO 
Use a fork to smush the mashed potato in the pan 
Start adding the toppings...   Crispy Pork, Peppers, Mushrooms ...

If your Mashed is cold, you will want to put the pan  (w/ mashed ) into the oven for 15 minutes or so to warm up .. before adding your toppings :) 

Add the Pork, Mushrooms, Peppers & Onions ... 

Top with your cheeses ..  and pop it into a 350F oven

Check it after 20 minutes ... if you like the looks of it, dig in ...   I usually leave mine in for about 30 minutes 

Thats it.. grab a towel , and take your skillet to your seat at the table or couch ! Enjoy :)) 

This recipe is part of my Creative Leftover series , any feedback would be greatly appreciated .

Peace , Love and Good Food !

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rich's Kitchen Tips

Before adding the plastic top to the pyrex, add a layer of cling film to help preserve your food.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Bangers n Mash

I love Bangers n Mash, not only was it one of my favourites growing up , but it always reminds me of home ( England ) , and is still one of my favourite meals today .  Now, mind you .. my Bangers n Mash dish , is not my Mums , which while delicious! Would be lacking in garlic and spice ... my two favourites :)  Hahaha  For those of you that have never had this , or don't even know what it  is ...     You are going to love it :)    Bangers are sausages , typically an English Banger is a short fat little sausage seasoned with herbs and spices, containing ground pork and bread .. but that can vary widely from region to region , fennel was quite popular when I was younger.  The name Banger , mostly got its name from WWII when rationing was in full effect and the sausages were likely to have a higher water content , causing them to explode if not cooked carefully :))
   Mash , well.. quite simply its Mashed Potatoes :) Either simple or spruced up with some garlic and herbs .. I much prefer the later ! I like to use Yukon or Russets , however any type will work , the ones shown here were white.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Sowing, Gardening in January

Its winter , Its cold and dark outside , not what you would call good growing weather !! Despite that I always seem to get an itch to get out there and do something ... which due to living in Canada , is usually impossible !   That was until last year , when i discovered winter sowing :))  Such a wonderful, simple way to get your hands in the dirt again , planting seeds ...  

 Winter Sowing Chili Peppers, Basil & Zucchini to start// mostly b/c that was what I had on hand , and I could only scavenge 3 containers this week :)) More to follow ! 

Garden Tip :I highly recommend keeping a garden journal , point form is just fine , it will come in handy , and once you have a few years in the book , a very handy reference esp. if your like me and like to try experiments and tend to forget where or what they were ! Hahaha 

Required :
Good Quality , or Organic Potting Soil
Clean plastic jugs , 2L to 4L sizes , Gallon milk jugs seems to work best
Seeds , organic or heirlium
Sharp Scissors or Knife
Duct Tape
Permenant Marker

Simply cut the jug , about 4 iches from the bottom .. almost all the way around , leaving a short side as a hinge ...   fill with soil to just below the cut . 

The seeds will need to breathe ...  so a few slashes or cuts around the top are required . ( 6 to 8 seems to be fine )  Also.. use that marker !  If you have more than a few jugs it will be near impossible to keep them all straight without labels! 

Pop your seeds in ... I over seed slightly , with the expectation of thinning them out come spring .   If your soil is really dry , you will want to add a little water at this point .. not soaked , damp is good enough .  


Duct Tape to the rescue ...   Tape up the cut, all the way round.  Bring your jugs outside ...  somewhere away from dogs if you have them , or they will become pee magnets !  No further coverings are required , if it snows , just leave them be ... no worries at all :)

It is really that simple ... come spring as the weather warms up , mother nature will do her thing ... the seeds will sprout , and the plastic container will act as a mini greenhouse giving your plants the much need protection during the delicate phase ... 

I do hope this helps you get a jump start on spring ... I will be following up with at least two more posts :))

Peace, Love & Happy Gardening
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year Hike :)

Happy New Year Everyone :)

I celebrated by grabbing my camera , despite the -20C weather, and headed out into the ravine for a fun photo hike. Enjoy the aftermath of the Icestorm 2013 !

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bacon n Eggs Skillet Pizza

Happy New Year !!  Thank you all for a wonderful 2013  I appreciated all the comments , chats , likes and critiques ...    

After a late night, and more than a few ales :) I needed something hearty to start the day off , and one of my newest creations .. Mashed Potato Pizza came to mind , with a breakfast twist . 

Ingredients :

Mashed Potato
2 strips of bacon - rough chopped 
2 Cremini Mushrooms - Sliced
1 Tablespoon Pepper Jelly 
Aged Cheddar - Grated
1/4 Red Pepper - Diced
1/2 Red Onion - Sliced
4 Grape Tomatoes
2 Eggs

Preheat your oven to 350F
Using a fork , create a 1" thick base of mashed potato in your skillet , lightly pressed
Drizzle the pepper jelly on top if your in the mood for a bit of sweet heat .
Arrange Bacon , Mushrooms , Onion and Red Pepper

Side note : This recipe is Gluten Free


Pop into the oven for about 20 minutes, the bacon should just starting to get crispy

Remove from oven , Sprinkle on the Cheddar
Crack your eggs on top
and return to the oven for 12 minutes

Remember...  cast iron gets HOT!!

Its that easy ...  after 12 minutes the eggs should be nice and runny
 Grab a tray or a trivet , and dig in , right from the skillet :)

Wishing you all a peaceful and prosperous 2014 !!

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