Friday, January 21, 2011

Less Words, More Food 3

I had intended for this type of post to be a regular weekly addition to my blog... but after the disaster at Christmas, I lost all my tags ( very nearly a lot of photos )  Which of course included the LWMF series I had been working on .   So this is a little bit of a catch up post.  

Spaghetti and Meatballs...  Everything from scratch except the pasta ... and the canned pamasean :( I was out of the good stuff
Curry Turkey Tacos :) Using up Christmas Turkey. 

Creative Leftovers,  Curried Turkey Loaded Jacket Potato

Quick flatbread pizza, Ground beef with mushroom, peppers, onions and cheese. On a homemade 12 grain crust 
Lunar Eclipse Dec 20th 2010
Ive been feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs.  Who knew they liked warm water ? Interesting
Free Range, Farm Fresh Eggs :)

 I finally have most everything organized, I should be back to a twice weekly post again now,  well maybe 3 a week for the next month as I entered the 10 with 5 challenge, and still need to post seven more.  The good news is I only have to make 4 more , as I have the next three photographed.  I hope you have enjoyed this post . Happy Cooking , Rich