Thursday, January 27, 2011

Less Words, More Food 4

I'm slowly getting caught up :)   What I really need is a full day at the PC, in a writing kind of mood.  This is the last of Decembers catch up posts, so at least now I'm in the New Year lol :)  I'm a little pushed for time , as I have dinner plans tonight... so Ill keep this one really short of words , and just show you some food!!!
Always a favourite:) Butcher's Bacon, Hand Cut chips, and farm eggs, cooked in a little bacon grease with chili . 

Free Range Beef, with mushrooms, peppers, onions and cheese on whole wheat nachos :)

Curry Turkey Tacos, with a red wine vinaigrette salad

Chicken and Sausage loaded meatballs on, whole wheat pasta with home made bolognesse sauce.

More Christmas Turkey Leftovers , Turkey Frittata loaded with veggies and cheese . 

Mom's scotch eggs :)  With a little smoked paprika.  Ill be making  a batch of these for Easter , and will be sharing the recipe then.  

:) I had to go back to Decembers notes to figure out what this was :) Leftover Taco mix, with baked beans on a a jacket potato !  Messy but good!! 

I hope you enjoyed the 4th installment of Less Words, More Food.   Please check back tomorrow for another posting . This one will be a special one. :) Stayed tuned &  Happy Cooking :)

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