Monday, February 7, 2011

Crispy Chili Cheese Bites #10w5 - 8

I came across a simple recipe for a baked crab Rangoon ...  which I tried, with a few twists of course, and liked !!  It wasn't so much the dish, it was good , that I liked but the idea !  So simple, yet so versatile.   It didn't take very long for me to start thinking up several new ways to use a baked wonton wrapper for appetizers.  Having just made a huge stock pile of chili last week,  an idea started forming.  I just needed to keep it to 5 ingredients for the 10 with 5 challenge who's deadline is fast approaching !!  Oh being very low cost , this appetizer qualifies for my latest series Good Food , Cheap .

Ingredients required : Makes 12

12 Wonton wrappers ( $ 0.10  )  $1.50 per 100pc pkg.
1/3 red bell pepper  ( $0.25 )  $2.00 for 3
1 green onion  ( $ 0.10 ) $ 0.69 per bunch
1 cup of chili ( $0.50 ) Cost me about $28 to make 14 Quarts
1 knob of good cheese - I used 6 year old cheddar.  ( $2.00 )

Total Cost $ 3.00  per dozen 

As for how many to serve,  I would think 6 as an appetizer would be plenty,  I had 12 for a light meal, and 18 as my dinner.  I do tend to eat large portions though.

Okay , on we go :

Assemble to the ingredients.  Small muffin pans are required.  

I sliced up about a 2cm wedge of cheese ( and made 24 with it )  small dice on the red pepper, and green onion. Give the muffin pan  a quick spray or wipe lightly with oil. I happen to have some garlic infused olive oil in a mister. 

Press the wonton into the tray. I do recommend another light spray of oil.  Its not necessary but it did make them crispier.   Slip them into a preheated 350F oven for 5 minutes.   

Remove them after 5 minutes and start assembling. 

I put one table spoon worth of chili into each one, and just a pinch of cheese ( Its the good stuff , go lightly.  )  

Then a good pinch of the red pepper, and back into the 350F oven for approx 10 minutes. 

Once everything is melted and hot , your all set.  They should lift out nice and easy.  

Assembled on a plate , and serve!!  Total time for this was about 20 minutes.  

A close up shot, of my Crispy Chili Cheese Bites :)  

I have to add , this is one of the best appetizers I've came up with .  It's going to become a regular in my  kitchen from now on ,  the ingredients may change but the idea is staying for good!   They turned out fantastic !  Crispy, crunchy, chewy , spicy , sweet and gooey .. how can you go wrong :))  I leave you with one more picture , of the Tuna/Crab Rangoon that go me started on this idea.  Happy Cooking :)