Friday, January 28, 2011

Bacon, Egg & Chips - 10w5 #5 - Good Food, Cheap

Today is an interesting day :) For a few reasons, it marks the 3 month mark for this blog, and 6 months in for my FB food page.  I didn't plan it but they both started on the 28th. LOL So three months in and nearly 4000 page views later, here we are.  
With my latest Series, and a challenge post all rolled into one.  
Good food, cheap is a new series I'm going to work on , you should expect at least a couple a month , most likely more.   What I want to show, is that it doesn't take a lot of money to eat good food.  These will be the same as my normal posts but I will share the prices, and tips on where/how to get those deals.  

Ingredients : 

4 med/large russet potatoes $ 1.00 (10lb bag for $3)  
4 Farm Fresh Eggs $ 1.35 (A dozen for $4 ) 
Half a pint of Tomatoes $1.00 ($2 / pint ) 
Bacon $1.00 ( On sale $1 / lb )  ($4.00 for butcher Bacon ) 
3 cloves of garlic $ 0.25 ( $0.75 / head for organic ) 

Total for dinner for two $ 4.60 ( $7.60 using top quality bacon ) 

I would just like to make a note about the bacon , normally I have been buying bacon from a local butcher , and actually had done so here, but due to a few delays it had been in the fridge for a week , and had started to turn.  I had a craving for bacon, the butcher was closed. So I went for the back up bacon , which I buy on sale a couple of times a year , and usually just use for bacon bits.  

Assemble all your ingredients,  I rinsed this bacon to help remove some of the extra salt that cheap bacon tends to have . Worked out well . 

Slice up your chips,  crack the eggs into a large cup to help them warm up , and make pouring them into the pan easier :)

 Here is a link for how I make my Chips :)

Chips take the longest , so you will want to get them started first .  

Bacon, with garlic and freshly cracked black pepper.  

A couple of eggs each, a little diced garlic and black pepper for flavour.  If your not restricted to 5 ingredients , like I am for this challenge , a little chili powder or fresh jalapenos would go great in here too 

I personally like my bacon crispy...  to help crisp it up , i strain the grease out before it finished .  Save that grease , its great for adding flavour or if nothing else your dog would appreciate some on his dinner , I know mine do ! 

The picture of the eggs cooking didn't turn out ,  I had to sub in this one from and earlier meal.  I use a little bit of bacon grease for frying my eggs, on medium heat so they don't burn...  firm whites , with a runny yolk is the goal.  

The great thing about both chips and bacon , is if you get your timing wrong, simply stick them in a low 150F oven while everything else finishes up.  

And there you are , a simple, inexpensive , breakfast, lunch or dinner, with only 5 ingredients..
 I hope you have enjoyed this post , please leave a comment below. I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of my new series, Good Food, Cheap ! Have a great day , and thanks for supporting this page :)
Happy Cooking