Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mushroom Beef and Ale Soup

Well, I for one am glad that I have finished the 10 recipes with 5 ingredients, as much fun as that was ... I do enjoy just a few more ingredients to a meal.   I have a couple of questions though... did you like the recipe format I used ? compared to my normal method of just showing you what went into the dish ?   Please leave a comment below , thanks.  
Soup , is always a great choice ... its good any season of the year , for lunch , dinner, even breakfast !!   I love a good soup,  my only problem with making them .. is that I tend to turn them into stews!!  So I was determined the other day to create one , that not only was healthy and tasted great , but that actually resembled a soup!!

Ingredients Required :  

1L of beef broth , or stock ( this is the last of my store bought , gone forever from my kitchen now) 
1lb of a variety of mushrooms   I had white , portabello, shitake and oyster 
2 cups of cooked ground beef 
2 onions 
3 cloves of garlic 
1/2 can of your favourite ale. ( This is a local craft brew , very good !! ) 
A couple of pats of butter 
Salt n Pepper to taste

Here is what you will need 

Simply slice everything up , bite sized for the mushrooms and a medium dice for the onion 
Add it right into the soup pot ,  butter in first then all the onions, mushrooms and garlic together . Season with your favourite herbs,  I went with basil , thyme and oregano/:) Med/High heat .  

Once the Mushrooms and onions have softened just a bit , add the beef in .  Give it all a good stir. 
Once the beef is in the pot for about a minute , pour in the liter of stock, and half the can of ale ...  stir , reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes to blend all the flavours.

Meanwhile , you need some good bread to go with soup....  I found this at a local Persian Food market that just opened up nearby :)  What a bargain for $1,50 for a 3 foot long piece of bread.  
And this is were the pot of bubbling soup should go ??!? For whatever reason , either I lost or deleted the shot , or simply forgot to take one.   However its an easy step.    Don't forget to taste the seasoning , adjust as required. 

That's its , ladle some into your favourite soup bowl, grab a few hunks of bread and your set .

Dinner is served, Mushroom Beef and Ale soup!! 

Its not that often that I impress myself, but this dish did!! I'm very happy with this , and will be making it again in the near future , this time with my own beef stock.
I hope you have enjoyed this post , all comments and feedback are welcomed, just click the link below to leave a comment , or if your shy , just select  reaction .. its all good !!
Happy Cooking