Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tartan Tavern - Rich's Restaurant Review

I've been going to the Tartan , for a very long time ...  years before I was able to order myself a pint , My parents used to take me there for a pub dinner ( On the rare occasion that we ate away from home )
So I figured they should be one of the first reviews I did , and in fact this was the first one ... I just typed up the other two ahead of this one .

The Tartan , is the Tartan ... It is an original , not quite an English or Scottish pub , and not quite Canadian either, its in its own little world .  

Several years ago, I gave up on eating here .. the food was geared to the college kids that fill the place every Friday and Saturday night , the food wasn't horrible , but it certainly wasn't something to brag or blog about !  Then they had a menu rewrite , a good  burger , a proper English curry , Liver n Bacon ..  The had my attention , and I was willing to try again.   This was probably 2 years ago , and for a while I was a regular again , then life and some new restaurants in town I slowly stopped popping in.

Until I decided I wanted to try my hand at reviews ... So off I went with memories of tasty homeburgers and curries .


Guinness ! Love it
They have a good mix of Canadian and British Beers on tap 

I was not 100 % sure what I was going to order , and decided to ask the waitress what was the most popular these days ,,, It was still the burger .  Easy choice , I opted for the mushroom cheese burger with fries , and a shared bowl of onion rings .
I should mention , when they rewrote the menu , I LOVED their burgers !  Was nice to be able to go out and get a real burger, something that just was not available . ( It is now, future post will show you that ) So my expectations were rather high ... I was happy to see they still had a homemade patty , fresh lettuce , onion and tomato :) Even the fries looked crispy , but sadly thats were my excitement ended .   Canned mushrooms , what I thought were frozen fries  ....  I actually had to ask , turns out they were fresh cut , but tasted JUST like frozen to me .  What should have been the star of the show , had lots of good beefy taste , I will give them that ... but the texture was awful , way to soft both the burger and the bun fell apart while I was eating .  

Tasty , but obviously frozen ones :( and I have an issue with those silly little plastic sauce cups
Not impressed . 
Gillian had the Fish and Chips ... good portion size , but more plastic containers and so so fries . 
See, it sure looks good  ! I will try it again ... someday 

Taste : Good All round
Texture : Blah .. burger fell apart , too soft , fries had frozen texture
Value : Not too Bad
Service : Always Good
Overall : Okay , I will return , I know they can do better
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An afternoon in the Woods

I've been living here for nearly 30 years ... thought I had found all the cool places to wander about it ... I was wrong . Found this lovely patch of woods on the East side of town . 


Prints Available here :

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ryan's Roti - Rich's Restaurant Review

It's funny .. I'm always taking photos of the food i eat , judging it , rating it .... but when it comes to writing about it ! hahaha I have such a hard time ,  I guess I'm just not a writer!

So.... Ryan's Roti & Jerk was recommended to me , love trying new places and I just love spicy foods. Located at 1051 Simcoe St North , in Oshawa ( at Beatrice SE Corner ) 

First Impressions : Clean , tidy , with an easy to choose from photo based menu . Two basic options , roti or over rice with a salad .  I choose the roti , feeling hungry .  

Second Impression ... The food , smells delicious , I opted for a spicy beef roti , personally being  rather hungry I was hoping for a little more ;)  Especially after seeing the size of the rice and salad dish my friend ordered 


The smell was amazing , once i cut into it ... love the fragrance of curry !  The potatoes were soft , and nice and chunky , the beef well marinated and cooked , simply flaked apart . Had a bit of a sweat going by the time I finished it 

Value -  Descent - $7 and I was content 
Taste -  Good -  No veggies, Nicely Spiced Beef, potato was just right 
Texture -Nice   - Soft, with slight chew, beef flaked apart 
Service - Quick and efficient , could have been friendlier
Overall - I would return, to try and compare the rice/salad dish

Would love to hear from you , Did you like the review , was it helpful ? What would you like to see ?   Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Peace, Love and Good Food - Rich 

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Leaves 2013

I just love wandering around the woods ... and this time of year as some fantatsic rewards :)
Here's a few recent ones taken in Durham Region , Ontario,  Canada .

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rami's Pita & Grill - Rich's Restaurant Reviews

You've heard of DDD ? :) Well , welcome to RRR ! Hahahaha I've finally decided to try my hand at a proper review, for those that follow along on face book " " you know I have been posting my take out dinners and some dishes at local restaurants , but I have yet to do a proper review ...  Im sure its going to be an ongoing work in progress :)

Located at 300 Taunton Rd , Oshawa - NE corner of Ritson & Taunton 
:) Not the biggest pita I have been served , but it certainly was NOT small :) Id guess it weighed about a pound. 
Rami's Pita & Grill - Beef Shawarma
Value -  Good - $6 and I was full 
Taste -  Good -  Fresh Veggies, Nicely Spiced Beef, Salt was just right 
Texture -Nice   - Crunchy, Chewy, Fresh  
Service - Very friendly , and quick
Overall - Worth the $ , I would return

While not a true Shawarma , was just spicy ground beef , it worked well and tasted great , with a nice bit of heat . The veggies were fresh and crisp , service was very friendly and quick .

So .. at the last minute i decided to do away with #s and a proper rating system ... Ill just use whatever word comes to mind and eventually it will all sort itself out :) I hope you enjoyed , I have lots more planned  

Peace Love and Good Food
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