Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eggs don't come from a grocery store ;)

Just one short year ago , I thought all eggs were created equal.  I bought whichever one was on sale,  without a thought.  Besides there really wasnt much of an option to choose from ,  brown or white , large or extra large, and the most recent addition Eggs with omega 3s...  Of which I'd heard some very interesting stories about... ranging from genetically modifying the chick with fish genes.. to the more realistic story of adding omega 3's to the feed , thru fish oils and possible modified grains.  I must admit , I did try a couple packages of these, then went back to the standard issue eggs deciding it was not worth paying twice as mich..  Then about nine months ago, we started seeing Free Run eggs in the markets ...  not free range, but atleast the little chickens would have some access to outside.  I immediately switched over to these, the were a little more money, but I thought it was worth it as the egg did taste a little better , and had a nicer yolk.  
Then I met my new friends the Svetecs, at the farmers market , and for the first time ever .. I had access to free range eggs, real local farm fresh ones!!  Not mass marketed , only sold at the the farmers market and their farm.   Once again they were more than the standard issue eggs,  but surprisingly cheaper than the omega 3 ones though.   I grabbed a carton , and left thinking of bacon and eggs, and fritattas. That was about five months ago now,  and Ive never looked back.   Free Range only in my household now!  
So here I am five months later, working on the farm!! Mostly helping with building a huge greenhouse, but Ive also helped with garlic planting. Last week, I asked if I could help with the daily chores :  feeding and watering the chickens, turkeys and animals in the little petting zoo area.  Also of course the egg collection duty :)  I had so much fun,  I thought Id share my experience with everyone :)  Enough words!! Enjoy the pictures.
Its so neat how they all come to greet me :)

Interesting fact I learned, chickens love warm water when it cold out, and it helps with egg production .

I'm guessing I should come back in a few minutes :) lol

For some reason I assumed they would try and protect the eggs...  I was wrong. 

Little  kids hide your eyes!!  Caught in the act

I was amazed that so many eggs would be in one nesting box.  Washing is required.   

Eggs everywhere !!  :)

After the collection, I opened the door and let them have free range. 

Happy Chickens makes for great tasting eggs. 

and these birds sure are happy! 

Just cruising around pecking at anything in sight!

Free Range Goodness! 

So there you have a quick snap shot of my first day collecting eggs, I hope you have enjoyed it.  I urge you to find some free range eggs and give them a try, I'm positive you will be extremely pleased.  The colour, texture and taste is vastly superior to standard issue eggs! 

Happy Cooking ! :)
Enjoy those eggs