Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Very Interesting Day For A Garlic Lover!!

My little Revolution, is about alot more than just cooking up good local food, sharing recipes and ideas.  I also want to showcase Farmers Markets, Farms , Sustainable, Organic Food , Backyard and Kitchen Gardening .. I just hadn't expected to start that until next season, due to the market closing 2 weeks ago.  Happily today sped that up a little :)

A quick back story is needed for anyone who hasn't been following on Facebook :)  About a month ago, I kind of unexpectedly decided on a career change... since then Ive been doing odd jobs to keep busy, rebuilding fences, clearing brush or leaves just about anything that isn't office related !  More recently Ive been helping a local Organic Farmer dismantle a huge ( for me the home gardener! ) 32 x 96' industrial greenhouse. I'll begin :

Paul and Jenny Svetec where nice enough to hire me on for the project.

I showed up at the farm today , and what a beautiful day it was full sun , light wind and 10C,  expecting to reassemble the massive greenhouse we took down last week ( 3 x 26' truck FULLS )  
The project :) Dismantle , move and reassemble.

As I'm approaching the farm house Farmer Paul informs me we will not be erecting the greenhouse today ?? Uh oh , that's all I was really hired for ..... 

But will be planting garlic today instead :) Ohhh Happy day!!
Ok, for those that don't know I LOVE GARLIC !! I eat it everyday , and can't imagine cooking without it!  So he sits me down with a 25lb box of garlic heads , and says get crackin ?

25 pound box of Organic German Garlic :)

 Wow!! Thats alot of garlic heads!! There was about 350 heads to a box. So a cracking garlic cloves I go

My Garlic cracking station, That was only one of four boxes, this was surprisingly hard on the hands. Who knew cracking garlic was tough work lol.  Prior to this the most Id ever cracked was 6 at one time.

 Once we had a bushel full we headed to the fields.

 It was nice and sunny, pretty cool still as it was reasonably early... 
 My ride for the day :)
  The view for the afternoon  ( In the morning I was on the left side, with a different wheel that wasn't nearly as efficient as this one !  ) Was a lot of fun actually, except maybe in the early morning when the ground was half frozen ...  my thumbs took a bit of  a beating, but it was well worth it.    
 We planted three varieties today , Spanish Roja ( I ate a whole clove of this raw !! WoW! That'll wake you up in the morning I tell ya!! ) , Music ( Huge Wonderful Cloves ) , and German  ( Nice looking med/large Garlic )

We worked as late as we could , but it gets dark quick this time of year .  Nice pic as I was leaving . 

 By the end of the day I had planted 12 rows of garlic. Around 50lbs of it ! approx 2800 cloves of garlic, pressed by hand into the dirt...   I Loved it!!! Then to makes things even better, while out there he shows me his seed field with 40 more different types of garlic growing !! Ive got a few heads of garlic for myself, a few cloves of each ill be planting this weekend.. if my thumb still works :) I told Paul , he has a new best friend , imagine the fun one could have with 40 different organic types of garlic:))

  Then, as if my day couldn't get any better ... I was treated to this as I rounded the hill to come home.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed my first venture into a farming related post !  As always I appreciate all comments and feedback. Even if its just selecting a reaction below :) 
Happy Cooking