Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roasted Chili Chicken & Local Veggie Stir-Fry

Ever take something out of the freezer, then realize you really didn't have a plan for it?? LOL happens to me all the time, or I ll have 3 plans for it and wont be able to decide what to do.  I'd taken a couple of free range chicken breasts out of my freezer, two days before and now needed to do something with them.  Even come dinner time I still couldn't decide , but figured Id better get something started .  So I decided to roast the breasts, and at least that way even if I didn't decide what to do I could always have a sandwich.

One of my favourite way to make chicken, roasting!  So easy and the taste is hard to beat .  These were simply rubbed with my chili powder, a little sun flower oil, S&P and a splash of L&P.  Into the oven for 45 minutes @ 360F.

A quick deglaze of the pan with a few glugs of a craft brewed ale:)  Makes for a great sauce, that can be saved for up to a day in the fridge. 

Here's the result, a little chili chicken ale sauce, good for all sorts of gravies or sauces.
 Click the link below to see the rest :)

I finally decided on a stir fry, with a red onions and peppers, mushrooms, jalapeno and some cool 4 ingredient instant noodles. Simple and easy  

Instant noodles are great , just look for ones with 4 or less ingredients.  I like to add some flavour, then simply cover with boiling water while you start your stir fry. 

So easy !! If you happen to take a little too long making dinner, just remove them from the water after about ten minutes. 

Roasted Chili Chicken breast , with basil, garlic ,and smoked paprika

Give your veggies a quick fry, with a little bit of oil or butter

Once they are 3/4 way to being finished , add in the sauce , and the roast chicken .

Next add some broccoli ( or peas ) and your drained noodles to the pan,  a few minutes to blend the flavours is all you need.  Stir until well mixed.

Scoop out onto a warm plate , and your set. 

Healthy, quick & easy Roasted Chicken Stir-Fry :)

So there you have a simple weeknight dinner, total cook time just over 1 hour.  If I had know what I was going to make , I could have done ll the prep while the chicken was in the oven.   This also works great with left over chicken, you will just need to use some chicken or beef stock for the sauce. 
Happy Cooking