Saturday, November 20, 2010

Easy Chili Chicken Flat Bread - Creative Leftovers

Lost for a dinner idea?  Or just tired and not in the mood to prepare something large ? All you need some extra roasted or BBQ'd chicken ( a half a breast per person ,  or a leg or thigh each )  A few of your favourite veggies, some flat bread and cheese.  , and you can be eating great in 20 minutes :)  A little longer if you want to make your own flat bread first , but that's a post for another day ! 

Since this is about keeping it simple and easy , Ill keep the banter to a minimum and just show you how its done... 

Rough chop your favourites I chose Portobello & White Mushrooms, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, and Jalapeno Peppers ( These you might want to chop a little finer ) there is also a clove of garlic minced in there somewhere.   

I prefer to slice the chicken , but any method will work fine.  This was a honey/chili roasted breast.

With a little Olive Oil and butter ( optional ) give your veggie mix a quick saute.  You want them about halfway cooked.  Remove from the pan when you like the looks of them.   At this point you can also add some of your favourite herbs, and some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Add the chicken to the pan for the last minute of cooking. 

Getting ready to assemble, Veggies with the chicken mixed in, Whole Wheat Naan bread ( or your fav. flat bread ) , green onions for garnish after.  I used a mozzarella and 5 year old cheddar cheese,.

No sauce required for this easy dinner,  right about now you should be about 10 minutes in.While assembling your pizza, you should have you oven warming up to 360F.  Spread your chicken, peppers, onions and mushrooms evenly around the bread.   Top with your cheese, and toss into the oven directly on the rack , for about 10 minutes ( or until the cheese has melted nicely. 

Once the cheese has melted to your satisfaction , remove to a warm plate , and add the green onions. 

That's it!! All that is left to do is take a picture :) and ENJOY!! 

I hope you enjoyed the quick and easy Chili Chicken, Portabello Mushroom, Onions, Red Pepper on Whole Wheat Naan Bread topped with Mozz/Aged Cheddar Cheese.
Happy Cooking :)

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