Sunday, November 14, 2010

Never Buy Ready Made Again - Easy 4 Pepper Salsa

By the time I have finished typing this post, we will have surpassed One Thousand Page views!! Wow!! That's Amazing!! So I would just like to say a quick Thank you for all your support in helping to get our ( Yours and Mine )  Good  Food Revolution off to a great start!  So Thank you all!!  Now back to your regularly scheduled post :)

I love making Salsa ..  Its such a great way to use up the extra tomatoes and peppers in the summer, which is when I usually make one a week just to have on hand. I use it for burgers, stuffing for meat , sides for lunch , nachos, quick flat bread pizzas...  you'd be amazed at how many different ways you can use a good salsa!    So you can imagine my delight when I walk into a local grocery store, in November and find fresh Ontario Tomatoes and Peppers!! (Hot House) and they didn't even want a fortune for them :)) 

The ingredients! Red Onions, Tomatoes, Anaheim Chili Poblano and Red Peppers, fresh Garlic,Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Lea & Perrins. All local except the avocado, and that didn't end up in the salsa lol. I used it as a topping after the fact.  Missing from the picture is : Olive Oil, Basil 
The peanuts were not used :) They were simply my snack while preparing food,  As I was also making homemade Focaccia bread and roasting a couple chicken breasts for later
Grab yourself a large resealable container ( preferably glass not plastic :) Start chopping and adding, doesn't matter what order , as you will be mixing it later .  The size of the chop depends on how you like your salsa .. I like mine chunky!  So I usually finely chop a small amount and rough chop the rest ( garlic and hot peppers I always chop finely )

Just keep chopping and adding until your bowl is full or you run out of vegetables. The mushrooms are for the chicken breasts I was cooking...  but they almost got added to the mix. 
 Now at this point , you will want to add a good glug of olive oil, A few pinches of dried basil, several splashes of Worcestershire Sauce, and freshly cracked sea salt and black pepper to taste. Then mix well before the next step.

I remove 1 cup for every 5 cups of salsa I make , and proceed to blitz it, using a stick/hand blender, into a thick paste.  You can skip this step for really chunky salsa , but it wont have that sticky effect . That makes salsa great for dipping and scooping.

  Add the salsa paste back to the bowl, and give it a good stir.

And there you are simple, easy, great tasting 4 Pepper Salsa. I would recommend letting it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours before eating, but you don't have to . 

Now I realize a lot of you are asking  WHERE is the Cilantro ??  I've got to say , I'm not a fan. I do enjoy the taste , but the smell... well I won't say what I think it smells like.  Then again , the smell of skunk doesn't bother me .. So I know I'm a little different in that department.  So for all you Cilantro lovers... now is the time, grab your fresh herbs, and add as much as you like!  I won't be able to smell it, so its OK! 

This was a medium heat easy eating salsa, you can easily make it hotter, just add another chili or a few jalapenos to the mix or for ALOT hotter go for a habanero or scotch bonnet. Or if milder is your taste, remove the chili pepper, and add a few more sweet peppers, yellows and orange one look and taste great . 
That's one of the best things about salsa , you can adjust it to just about any flavour or heat level.  
I encourage everyone to give this a try, and let me know how it works for you!! I'd love the feedback, even email me a picture and Ill save them for a future post!     

Happy Cooking!

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