Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Chapter begins with Spring p1

For those of you that don't follow along on Facebook .  I'm happy to announce that I am now a full time employee at an organic farm .  ( link at the bottom of this post ) The Svetec's have promoted me to their Bird Manager ,  Ill be taking care of all the chickens , ducks ,and turkeys ,  as well as the sheep and goats in the petting zoo area.   What a change from a year ago!  When I was chained to a desk , at a job that was slowly killing me :))  Its hard for me to describe just how happy I am.   The work is good old fashioned hard work !!  We have been busy getting ready for the new season,  planting seeds, building green houses , and walk-in veggie coolers .  My little revolution has just taken a giant step in the right direction!!  Free range Beef , Eggs and Chicken will be on  the menu all summer,a long with all the fresh organic veggies I can eat  ( Some from my own garden too )  I have so much to share I'm going to do a four part post :)

My New Second Home :)) 

The original reason for me working at the farm, we dismantled this big green house at another farm , moved it here and reassembled it.. as much as we could before it was just to cold to work.  Was a few -20C days out there.  

The Chickens :))  I took care of the egg layers for a month in January and had a blast. Will be my new full time job , 198 egg layers on two farms , plus 11 tents of pastured poultry to follow.  

Spring just wouldn't make up its mind:) We were 10C the day before.  

We also wrapped this 80x20foot greenhouse built the end walls and added an exhaust fan .  

The Walk In Cooler was a giant Jig Saw puzzle... was fun, once we got the corners figured out .  

My Own Garden...  all wrapped up for winter.  I'm building cold frames this year to get a jump start on things .  

Thank you Paul & Jenny Svetec for this wonderful opportunity :)  I'm really looking forward to this .
You can check out their website by following this link :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post , comments and feedback are greatly appreciated .  Happy Cooking :) Stayed Tuned for the next 3 !

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