Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A New Chapter begins with Spring part 3

Spring is finally starting to actually show itself..  its still pretty cold at night , dipping down to -10C or so ..   I keep checking my little cold frames and they are doing okay , a tad too cold for any real planting yet ... but i did try a row of romaine lettuce , directly seeded , and under a small frame.  If it works , Ill be having fresh lettuce soon :))  

I turned the bottom of a wooden shelf unit into a tiny green house, complete with grow light and Mylar walls, should speed things along nicely.  

The goats and sheep , in their winter pen.  We are building a nice big open pasture area for them next week, 

The egg layers are VERY happy its spring , so they can get out and peck around.  198 arrive next week , and the fun will begin ! 

Some of the trays of seeds that we started in the 80x20 greenhouse :)  Lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and many different herbs.  

Making a cold frame from old green house plastic , and part of a packing crate ...  just need a few tacks and its done. Best part is .. 100% free!! lol 

Another project in my yard ... a new compost bin is in the works , right beside the garden this time. I'm having some fun , and building everything from scrap lumber and pieces... its slowly getting finished. I also made a bunch of bird feeder platforms from old cedar shingles :)   

A little experiment in my garden, last season i cut all the sunflower heads off and placed them face down in a small garden,  I want to see if I can create a sunflower patch this way .  I checked, and the birds didn't get all the seeds.. so maybe ?? lol 
I hope you are enjoying this set of posts ?  Please follow the link below to leave any comments or suggestions .    Happy Gardening Everyone :))

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