Saturday, April 16, 2011

Less Words, More Food 13

I haven't been writing to many recipes lately , so I hope you are all happy with a few food pix until I get writing again :))  I tend to not use a recipe , and just open my fridge and start grabbing food , until my arms are full.. then  its off to the chopping block to see whats for dinner :))  Here is a few of my dinners from the last week or so .

Making my 1st veggie stock :)  Tasted great :)  

Having a little fun with bread, this one is a spicy chili and Marmite batch :) Loved it ! 

Free Range Beef Burgers, with spinach , jalapeno, garlic, mushrooms, and red onion :)) 

This batch was a basil, garlic, and red onion whole wheat bread ( with added 12 whole grains ) 

Quick and Easy Lunch food, Chunk Tuna , with cucumbers, garlic , mushroom and red onion.

Was experimenting with different bread pans, tried using my muffin trays , worked out great . Especially if your like me and love the crispy edges.  

Was too cold, dark and wet to BBQ , so a cast iron skillet has to do sometimes. 

A quick batch of midnight tacos :))  Was not happy with that Mozzarella, and wont be buying that brand again .. it didn't really melt very well  :(

Work lunch :)   Tomato/cucumber salad, with a spicy tuna spread, half a burger, and some of my homemade butter and bread ! 

There you have it :) I do hope you have enjoyed the food pictures.   Does anyone have a recipe request ?  I've been kinda stumped lately on writing them, maybe a request will jolt me into action lol .
Have a great day , Happy Cooking !!