Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Chapter begins with Spring part 2

Life is Good !  The sun is shining !!  The birds are chirping away ! I have a new job/career :) My garden is thawed out , and starting to show signs of life !! The seeds planted a week ago in my kitchen & the big greenhouse at the Svetec's Farm has all sprouted !!

If you didnt catch part 1 ,  you can check it out here :

Cold Frame #1 , for the taller plants.. all made for recycled pieces.  This one is old kitchen cabinet doors , and a window.  Adds at least 10C during the day , more when the sun is bright :) It took about 4 days for that snow to melt.  

The chickens were happy for a warm spring day, dirt baths all round !!  lol 

The Svetec's Main Barn.  I just love old barns :) 

We even found a few carrots that survived the winter. We kept a small row to see if we can collect the seed this year .  

Once the roof and end walls were on , it was rather steamy in the 80x20 Green house.  We planted a few rows or lettuce, radish and spinach seeds.. then tried some transplants   just a test row , which was a good thing as 90% didnt survive .  

MUCH smaller scale at home.  I planted about a third of each package, this will be the earliest Ive ever started a garden, those cold frames better work :)) 

The base and the floor of the walk in cooler.  Had to call it a day to let the foam set.  This is going to be one rock solid cool box.