Sunday, February 20, 2011

Less Words, More Food 9

Playing a little catch up again with my posts, I have lots photographed .. its writing the recipes that gets me.   As some of you know I don't follow recipes when cooking , I simply grab a handful of goodies and start making dinner.   Okay , enough talking this is a LWMF post !

Making a batch of chicken stock for the freezer, ended up with 7L worth, all for basically nothing. 

A couple of different 12 grain whole wheat bread loaves.

Leftover roasted pork with a Caesar salad and chips :)

Chili n 3 cheese jacket potatoes, with a Caesar salad 

A different version of my spicy salmon spread.

I'm back working at the Svetec's Farm, helping to put up a 80x20 hoop house.  I cant wait to start planting .

:)) All caught up , now to get to the other posts I have planned,  I have one coming for a Mushroom Beef and Ale Soup , and a Good Food Cheap one that will show you how to cut 30 servings for about $12.  I hope you have enjoyed this post , please click the link below to leave any comments or suggestions you may have.
Happy Cooking