Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who needs words when you have food pics:) LWMF 1

Ive been thinking about , how to get an extra post in every week. I came up with this idea the other day ,  Once every week Ill post a week in review, kind of post.  With just captions, and maybe a short blurb. So here is my first try at this : Please let me know what you think ... all suggestions, and comments are appreciated. 

Marmite & Chili Roast Beef & Root Veggies.

Vegetarian Dinner, Jacket Potato with garlic/onion baked beans and cheese :)

Roast Beef and Cheese on Toast, one of my favourite snacks. 

Double Stuffed pork tenderloins, wrapped in butchers bacon

Quick brunch , free range eggs and butcher's bacon .
Roasted Garlic & Mushroom Hummus

Cold pork and chips !

Mixed Peppers and prosciutto salami pizza, on 12grain crust .

Goulash, nice and chunky !

Tuna melt meets a jacket potato

Brunch is one of my favourite times to eat .  Bacon, eggs and mushrooms :)

 Well, there you have the 1st week in review ( I still need a name for this series ??? ) I hope you enjoyed it. Comments are appreciated. Also I do take requests for posts, so if you have anything you'd like to see my take on....  Please let me know either post below, send me an email or catch me on FB.

Happy Cooking :)

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