Thursday, December 30, 2010

Creative Leftovers - Turkey Tacos, Jacket Potato and More

Hello everyone, Its taken a week but I'm back!! I had a bit of a disaster on boxing day , and lost my big hard drive ... and ALOT of photos, including my next 4 blog posts :(   The crazy thing is I had asked for a back up system for Christmas as my lap top is starting to die,  so I had amalgamated all my photos and music to my big drive on my desk top....  which failed while I was unwrapping the back up system :( Murphy must just LOVE me!!!  I managed to salvage 600 of about 5000 shots that were not backed up properly.   So lesson learned ,  make sure you back up weekly , not quarterly like I had been doing.

So since its Christmas time, and I'm sure your bored silly of Turkey by now, I thought I'd show you a couple of interesting way to use up the extras :)  Grab your leftovers , and lets begin ! 

You can use whatever you have on hand,   I went for my favourites .  Peppers, onions, mushroom, and a little sun dried tomato and garlic minced up together,

I like a medium chop :) 1:1  veggie to turkey ratio .
Click the link below to see the rest :)

Start with the veggies, with a pat of butter, and a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce , then add the turkey & curry powder for the last five minutes. Salt and Pepper to taste :)

I had it with a nice fresh salad, with a quick homemade vinaigrette ( More on that later when Ive got it down , this was way to vinegary !! ) I was too hungry to put these ones back in the oven for melting. 

Round two was a different story though :) Nicely melted.  Don't forget to scrape the plate , the crispy cheese is the best part.
As usual, I had made too much lol even with round two :)  So I saved the rest for my lunch the next day.

Simply baked a potato, cut in half and fluff up the potato a little, add some butter .. and start assembling.

I like to put just a pinch of cheese under the toppings :) Helps everything stick ! 

Back into the oven for another 15 minutes, will give you nice crispy cheese :)
 Another good choice is a Frittata :) I didn't have any assembly pics for this one .... 

4 large free range eggs, leftover, turkey , onions , garlic , jalapeno , broccoli , peas and some great cheese ( Mozzarella, aged cheddar and blue cheese ) made for a great lunch for 4 people. 

I do hope you have enjoyed my creative leftovers post , as always comments or suggestions are welcomed :)  I'm not sure If Ill have a chance to post tomorrow . So Happy New Year Everyone!!