Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chili Beef Loaded Poutine

I have to start by saying that I love a good proper poutine ,  nice gravy , well cooked chips ( fries ) , and squeaky cheddar cheese curds, best served in a paper bowl , and enjoyed with a plastic fork.  I honestly believe they taste better when someone else makes it for you!  Hahahaha  every once in a while I try at home... so far 3 not so amazing creations.    Then I tried again after a two year break ...  and Wow!  I finally nailed it ! Hahahaha so very far from traditional , but.. it was GOOD!!   Here is how I made it :)) It was mostly all leftovers from a couple of different meals too :))

The Leftovers :)   Pan gravy, caramelized onions and mushrooms, and a mildly spicy chili spiced ground beef . Here is a link to make my basic gravy :)

First up , make the chips ...  I MUCH prefer them well done
Here is how to make my chips :)

The leftovers...  almost forgot about the roasted red peppers :))   I spread everything out, poured the gravy into pyrex  .. and into the toaster oven it all went , at 325 - 350 for about 20 minutes ( same time as the chips took basically )

Once the topping were hot , Its as simple as laying them out over the chips ... 

I was out of cheddar cheese curds, so grated mozzarella and 6 year old cheddar were subbed instead  :)) 

Back into the oven for 2 minutes on broil to melt the cheeses :) Not really required ...  but i like it!  Hahaha 

Close up - Ready for the Gravy :) 

For less than a cup of gravy , it sure covered alot!  MmmmMmmm 

Time to grab a plastic fork, and dig in to my Chili Beef Poutine :)) 

So, what did you think ?   I have tried many, many different poutine over the years! This one would easily make my top ten list , maybe even top 5 .   Success finally hahaha !!
It took me like 10 years to be accustomed to it , and  to not think its was insane .... Being English, I put gravy on everything EXCEPT my chips lol ! Once i tried it though, I have never looked back.   I could even judge a restaurant on how they prep the poutine.  It's not as easy as it sounds...

The three main components have to be in sync for it to work , the toppings are extras.. but you need good chips, with good cheese , and topped by a good gravy , any less and it just doesn't work .... I'm mean who likes soggy fries?  or thin gravy ?  greasy cheese ? no thanks !  

Eat Well & Be Happy