Friday, March 11, 2011

Homemade Butter :))

Why have I not tried this before ?? and the field trip in grade six doesn't count !  If I could do it then, why couldn't I do it now.    So after watching a quick video clip on how to make your own with a food pro, I decided to try a slightly more manual way .    Just using a mason jar and heavy cream.   That's it!!
My other thought was, can I save money by doing this ?? Good butter is $4  to 5 a pound here ( I don't like the cheap butter , it has more than cream and salt ) So can I do it ??   Read below and find out.

Heavy Cream ( 35% ) and a mason jar  with a lid is all you need

Start by pouring half the cream (250ml ) into the mason jar, secure the lid and start shaking ... pretend your one of those paint can shakers in the hardware store and go to it.  This was after ten minutes of shaking ,  I had some very thick cream ... time to switch methods a little. 

I used the handle from a spatula to finish the job ..  10 more minutes of stirring. 
At this point , if you wanted to add flavourings .. this would be the time. I wanted to try a plain unsalted batch before I started messing around.    Salt, Garlic, Fresh Herbs etc.. the list can go on.

This was after 10 minutes of stirring ....  just about there , it will come together quick now.. maybe 2 more minutes. 

Butter!!! I made butter , 22 minutes of shaking and stirring produced this creamy goodness!!  Now just one more step. Reserve the buttermilk ( I used mine for making a loaf of bread )  , and get a cup of ice water ready. 

Put the butter back in the jar, with the ice water and shake for 2 more minutes... drain the water off, and this is what your left with.   

Total time was 24 minutes... and I have butter that should last a month in the fridge. 

The bowl weighed close to 300g, I ended up with a 150g ( 1/3 pound )
So did I manage to make it for less than I can buy it for??   Yes .. just !!   I found the cream on sale for $2.50 / 500ml ... I used half of the cream to make 150g of butter...  Since this tasted AMAZING i will compare it to the $5.00 per 450g ( 1 pound ) of butter .   It cost me $1.25 , compared to $1.66 for the store bought. Not a huge savings ...  but Ill take a 25% discount anytime I can get it !!

Simply amazing is how I'm going to describe this butter,  I have not had that many bread and butter sandwiches since I was a kid!!  lol  I will be making this again , the next time will be a batch size , with some flavourings added ..  stick around Butter part 2 will be back !!

I hope you have enjoyed this post .. please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or critiques below.
Happy Cooking!


  1. Need to do this again, thanks for the reminder :-))

  2. It's a great way to save money. By-passing the stores with the high prices of butter being what it is is the only way. I used to buy cream or the raw milk and take the cream off the top and do it all the time. Tastes better anyway. There is also a great way to can butter so it has a shelf life of 3 years and when opened won't go bad or need refrigeration afterwards.

  3. Crap I can;t make that. a shaking and Carpel Tunnel don;t go hand in hand. I will have to try the hand mixer way :) As many times as I screwed up whipped cream I can do it with out the salt and get butter LMAO

  4. What size mason jar did you use? I have three different sizes :-)

    1. I believe this was the 500ml size, or 1 Pint
      any size will work tho :)