Saturday, April 21, 2012

Less Words, More Food 16

Okay , so Im WAY behind on posting again ... only 2 months this time , and not 6 ! Hahahaha
I think I need to come up with a new way to share with you all here...  maybe more frequent, smaller posts ?  Anyways...  enough talking! This is Less Words, More Food time :)

Mmmm Cheese on Toast :)  

After two months of eating only veggies from my pantry , this was a welcome change ! 

Three of my favourite things.. Butter, Mushrooms and Peppers :) 

Mustard chili steak.. ready for stir fry !  

Mmm fresh veggies!!  

Chili Mustard Steak, and Mixed Vegetable Stir fry :) 

That didnt take too long ...  maybe we just need more rainy days to keep me inside ?

and just because its Earth Day ...  

 Happy Earth Day everyone ! 

Be Good to the Planet ! Its the Only one we have :))