Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ryan's Roti - Rich's Restaurant Review

It's funny .. I'm always taking photos of the food i eat , judging it , rating it .... but when it comes to writing about it ! hahaha I have such a hard time ,  I guess I'm just not a writer!

So.... Ryan's Roti & Jerk was recommended to me , love trying new places and I just love spicy foods. Located at 1051 Simcoe St North , in Oshawa ( at Beatrice SE Corner ) 

First Impressions : Clean , tidy , with an easy to choose from photo based menu . Two basic options , roti or over rice with a salad .  I choose the roti , feeling hungry .  

Second Impression ... The food , smells delicious , I opted for a spicy beef roti , personally being  rather hungry I was hoping for a little more ;)  Especially after seeing the size of the rice and salad dish my friend ordered 


The smell was amazing , once i cut into it ... love the fragrance of curry !  The potatoes were soft , and nice and chunky , the beef well marinated and cooked , simply flaked apart . Had a bit of a sweat going by the time I finished it 

Value -  Descent - $7 and I was content 
Taste -  Good -  No veggies, Nicely Spiced Beef, potato was just right 
Texture -Nice   - Soft, with slight chew, beef flaked apart 
Service - Quick and efficient , could have been friendlier
Overall - I would return, to try and compare the rice/salad dish

Would love to hear from you , Did you like the review , was it helpful ? What would you like to see ?   Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Peace, Love and Good Food - Rich 

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