Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rami's Pita & Grill - Rich's Restaurant Reviews

You've heard of DDD ? :) Well , welcome to RRR ! Hahahaha I've finally decided to try my hand at a proper review, for those that follow along on face book " " you know I have been posting my take out dinners and some dishes at local restaurants , but I have yet to do a proper review ...  Im sure its going to be an ongoing work in progress :)

Located at 300 Taunton Rd , Oshawa - NE corner of Ritson & Taunton 
:) Not the biggest pita I have been served , but it certainly was NOT small :) Id guess it weighed about a pound. 
Rami's Pita & Grill - Beef Shawarma
Value -  Good - $6 and I was full 
Taste -  Good -  Fresh Veggies, Nicely Spiced Beef, Salt was just right 
Texture -Nice   - Crunchy, Chewy, Fresh  
Service - Very friendly , and quick
Overall - Worth the $ , I would return

While not a true Shawarma , was just spicy ground beef , it worked well and tasted great , with a nice bit of heat . The veggies were fresh and crisp , service was very friendly and quick .

So .. at the last minute i decided to do away with #s and a proper rating system ... Ill just use whatever word comes to mind and eventually it will all sort itself out :) I hope you enjoyed , I have lots more planned  

Peace Love and Good Food
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