Monday, October 7, 2013

Hugelkultur Gardening , my first attempt :)


Step One - Dig down approx 2ft :)
This is not a new idea by any streatch of the imagination ... in fact , its more ike rediscovering and old way to reduce irrigation and increase plant yields. 
The concept is rather simple, dig a big hole and fill it with old logs and brush , cover back up again and start planting ... or like me , leave it to settle over winter for sring planting :)
2013 was a terrible year for my tomatoes , so Im really hoping this will help them along , only time will tell :)

Step Two : Fill with wood 
Step Three: Top with light brush or compost 
Step Four : Cover it up again

Thats it ... its just hard work , nothing else .

I'll be sure to post about this next spring and give you an update

Peace, Love and Happy Gardening ....
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