Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to season a cast iron pan

Love my cast iron cookware :) I have quite a collection going with several sizes of skillets , a flat plate , and a even a few enamelled ones.  I was recently given 3 more skillets , small medium and large sizes ...  all brand new , and need of seasoning .

Its a very easy skill to learn , and comes in very handy , as its the same method to re-season an old pan , or one that was forgotten and rusted up  .

All that is required , other than the cast iron pans them selves is :

- Steel or Copper Scrub
- Dish Soap ( the only time your cast should ever see it ! )
- Hot Water
- Towel
- Hot Oven

Start by giving your pans a good wash, with hot soapy water , and a metal scrub - This is to remove the oil it was shipped in , and /or  to remove a rusty spot.

After washing , dry the pan well... you can pop it in the oven , or just give it a good towel dry ,  add a good splash of  high temp oil , or lard ,  I used sunflower .  

Rub the oil , all around the pan ,  including the handle and the bottom...  try not to have any puddles of oil . 

Pop it into a 350F oven for at least 1 hour , two is best ... longer is just fine ...  make sure to turn on your fan , and maybe open a window:) It will smoke !   After the cook time ,  I simply left them in the oven to cool on their own .    

That is it!! Its that easy :) Your cast iron pan is now ready for use,  just remember to rub a little oil into after each use... eventually , you will have a glossy black pan , that will rival the best non stick pan .

Good luck, and enjoy !  Well taken care of cast iron pans can last for generations !