Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eating Local,even in Winter

While working in the fields of a local organic farm last summer,  I had a lot of time to think ... One of the many bonuses to working outside with your hands :)  During harvest season life was great , fresh local veggies everyday , just picked 10 minutes before heading home :)   But what about winter ?  When I can't just simple pick something fresh, either from the field or from the grocery store.   I decided this year , I was going to challenge myself to continue to eat local thru the worst two months for fresh, local food here.  January and February ...   So i started stocking up ,  between a few farms and my own garden I managed to pack away a few hundred pounds of veggies...  lots to see me thru the two months I promised myself.    Quick numbers are 150 lbs of potatoes , 75lbs of acorn and butternut squash, 100lbs of tomatoes, jarred and frozen as a garden sauce,  50lbs of red peppers mostly all roasted and frozen , along with onion and garlic ( quick flavour adders ) ,100lbs of onions and 50 head of garlic .   I did have ambitions to put away more, but simply ran out of time and freezer space ...  It didnt help that the 20lbs of carrots went bad on me lol ..   Looks like I wont have a huge variety to choose from , but it should be fun , and best of all LOCAL :))  I'm already thinking ahead to next year ...   more frozen soups or puree's for sure , and more root vegetables carrots, parsnips, turnips etc...  More variety in canning , not just tomatoes :)

Four weeks in ,  Im really craving a nice big Caesar salad lol .... but its been fun,  Here are a few of my creations so far :)

Roasted Red Pepper n Garlic Hummus :) 

Roasted Red Pepper n Garlic Hummus, garden tomato sauce, red onions, garlic ,  ground beef , and roasted red peppers...  all local :)) Making  homemade hamburger helper :)   

Monday, January 23, 2012

RFGFR's Kitchen Tips & Tricks 1

One of the many things I love about the internet , is the ability to share kitchen tips and tricks,  either with photos , or video how too's.   I decided I wanted to start posting a few of my own .

If you follow me on Facebook,  you may have already seen these as I've had an album for tips  for well over a year now.   If you don't follow me on FB you should check out the daily fun :)   There is something like 160 albums and 3500 photographs to enjoy . 

To help keep your dinner warm , remember to warm your plates ... I simply slid them under the Naan and cheese for a couple of minutes. :) They only need 5 or 10 minutes and a towel will be required to take them out , but its so worth having hot food when you sit down :))
When buying spices in large containers, transfer a small amount to a small spice container . This will help keep your spice stock fresh ,as you won't be opening and closing the jar or tub as often.
I like to use these little magnetic ones.. very handy.

Three tips in one here, buy good quality freezers bags ! This is VERY important, as cheap ones will not protect your good food! Tip 2 , is buy the Bulk/club pack sizes and save a small fortune... i got both of these for $20 , compared to about $50 if just purchased in small 30 bag boxes. Tip 3 , look for the store brands, ones you trust , instead of name brands .. i didnt save any $$ by doing this but got an extra 25% more bags !

I hope some of that was new info for you ,  please feel free to share here ( leave a link in the comments section )  or head on over to my FB page and let me know what your favourite kitchen tip or trick is :)

Eat Well and Be Happy !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm back, did you miss me ?? :)

I can't believe I have not posted on here since July ....  I had to make a choice between Facebook and the blog , and FB won!  At least for a while,  but the itch to write and share on here is returning .  Life has been very interesting since I last posted...    Back in July , I was working on two local farms .. working hard in the fields, and taking care of 1400 birds at one point .   Life was good, very hard work but good.   Around that time I also started working for a local caterer, catching a few extra shifts , and learning the ropes of catering.  By the time the farms ended , due to the Canadian winter creeping in.. I was offered full time , splitting my time between the kitchen , and office doing the social media and sales calls.  My how my life has changed since I started this blog lol...   Anyways , enough babbling .. I have a post planned for catching up on everything and this isn't it.   I just wanted to get a post up , and remove that writers block from my head .   Here is a few shots from the past week .  Enjoy :))  Many new recipes to follow soon

Mmmm Caramelized onions :))  

Looking South over Lake Ontario on a cold gray day 

Mmmm all local cottage pie :))  

I've been finding all sorts of new subjects to shoot 

My parking spot for hiking :) 

I woke up to this today :)  Blue skies, snow and cedars :)

Today's quick lunch , smoked breakfast sausages with caramelized onions and chips :))  

My new toy!!!   Can not wait to share with all of you .... just need the battery to finish charging hahaha :)) 

Welcome back  everyone,   the future blogs will be incorporating more nature, farms and field shots, along with lots of yummy food porn, and even a couple proper recipes lol .

Enjoy ,  feedback is appreciated !

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