Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm back, did you miss me ?? :)

I can't believe I have not posted on here since July ....  I had to make a choice between Facebook and the blog , and FB won!  At least for a while,  but the itch to write and share on here is returning .  Life has been very interesting since I last posted...    Back in July , I was working on two local farms .. working hard in the fields, and taking care of 1400 birds at one point .   Life was good, very hard work but good.   Around that time I also started working for a local caterer, catching a few extra shifts , and learning the ropes of catering.  By the time the farms ended , due to the Canadian winter creeping in.. I was offered full time , splitting my time between the kitchen , and office doing the social media and sales calls.  My how my life has changed since I started this blog lol...   Anyways , enough babbling .. I have a post planned for catching up on everything and this isn't it.   I just wanted to get a post up , and remove that writers block from my head .   Here is a few shots from the past week .  Enjoy :))  Many new recipes to follow soon

Mmmm Caramelized onions :))  

Looking South over Lake Ontario on a cold gray day 

Mmmm all local cottage pie :))  

I've been finding all sorts of new subjects to shoot 

My parking spot for hiking :) 

I woke up to this today :)  Blue skies, snow and cedars :)

Today's quick lunch , smoked breakfast sausages with caramelized onions and chips :))  

My new toy!!!   Can not wait to share with all of you .... just need the battery to finish charging hahaha :)) 

Welcome back  everyone,   the future blogs will be incorporating more nature, farms and field shots, along with lots of yummy food porn, and even a couple proper recipes lol .

Enjoy ,  feedback is appreciated !

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