Monday, January 23, 2012

RFGFR's Kitchen Tips & Tricks 1

One of the many things I love about the internet , is the ability to share kitchen tips and tricks,  either with photos , or video how too's.   I decided I wanted to start posting a few of my own .

If you follow me on Facebook,  you may have already seen these as I've had an album for tips  for well over a year now.   If you don't follow me on FB you should check out the daily fun :)   There is something like 160 albums and 3500 photographs to enjoy . 

To help keep your dinner warm , remember to warm your plates ... I simply slid them under the Naan and cheese for a couple of minutes. :) They only need 5 or 10 minutes and a towel will be required to take them out , but its so worth having hot food when you sit down :))
When buying spices in large containers, transfer a small amount to a small spice container . This will help keep your spice stock fresh ,as you won't be opening and closing the jar or tub as often.
I like to use these little magnetic ones.. very handy.

Three tips in one here, buy good quality freezers bags ! This is VERY important, as cheap ones will not protect your good food! Tip 2 , is buy the Bulk/club pack sizes and save a small fortune... i got both of these for $20 , compared to about $50 if just purchased in small 30 bag boxes. Tip 3 , look for the store brands, ones you trust , instead of name brands .. i didnt save any $$ by doing this but got an extra 25% more bags !

I hope some of that was new info for you ,  please feel free to share here ( leave a link in the comments section )  or head on over to my FB page and let me know what your favourite kitchen tip or trick is :)

Eat Well and Be Happy !