Friday, January 17, 2014

Bangers n Mash

I love Bangers n Mash, not only was it one of my favourites growing up , but it always reminds me of home ( England ) , and is still one of my favourite meals today .  Now, mind you .. my Bangers n Mash dish , is not my Mums , which while delicious! Would be lacking in garlic and spice ... my two favourites :)  Hahaha  For those of you that have never had this , or don't even know what it  is ...     You are going to love it :)    Bangers are sausages , typically an English Banger is a short fat little sausage seasoned with herbs and spices, containing ground pork and bread .. but that can vary widely from region to region , fennel was quite popular when I was younger.  The name Banger , mostly got its name from WWII when rationing was in full effect and the sausages were likely to have a higher water content , causing them to explode if not cooked carefully :))
   Mash , well.. quite simply its Mashed Potatoes :) Either simple or spruced up with some garlic and herbs .. I much prefer the later ! I like to use Yukon or Russets , however any type will work , the ones shown here were white.

Ingredients : 2 Large Servings

6 medium potatoes  
Sea Salt & Black Pepper
 2 cloves of garlic

Four Sausages, These were Chipotle Feta,  from a local butcher.
10 small cremini mushrooms - Sliced
1 1/2 Cups Frozen Sweet Peas 
2 medium onions - Sliced
Dried Italian Herbs
Lea & Perrins

1.  Grab a large pot , fill with 2/3rds with water, add  garlic cloves, and a pinch of salt ( not required, but i like it  ) onto a medium high stove .
2.  Wash and Scrub your spuds , roughly dice them into 3/4 to 1 inch cubes, add to the pot of water
3. Bring to a boil , and simmer until fork tender ( about 30 minutes )

Meanwhile ...

4.  Grab two large fry pans, add a pat of butter to each,  medium low .
5. Add Sausages to warm pan #1... turning occasionally until browned all sides until fully cooked ( will depend on the size of the sausage ) I slowly cook mine for 30 minutes .. or until the mashed is ready.
6.   Add Onions to warm pan #2 , after ten minutes of caramelizing , add the mushrooms, a few dashes of L&P, and a good pinch of herbs. Continue cooking until the potatoes are nearly done ( 25 minutes total )

At this point ... the sausages should be cooked thru, onions and mushrooms caramelized , and the potatoes fork tender.

7. Add a couple pats of butter to pan #2 ...  and the frozen peas .  Give the pan a good stir ...
8.   Drain almost all the water from the spuds , leaving a small amount in the bottom .
9. Add a couple pats of butter to potatoes , a pinch or two of herbs, salt n pepper to taste , and start mashing .. Should only take a minute ...  I like mine a little chunky :)
 ( Note I  do not use milk .. just butter, and a bit of the potato water , if you like creamy mashed feel free to add milk to suit, stock works well too ! )
10. Time to plate ...   Add a couple scoops of potato to the centre of the plate , arrange sausages around it , and then pour the peas, onions and mushrooms over the top ,  grab a knife and fork ....

And Enjoy ! ! 

Good Quality Sausages are a must :) 

MmmmMmmm one of my favourite sides 

Ta Da !!    Bangers n Mash !!  

One Word.....  YUMMY !!  

I really hope you have enjoyed seeing this as much as I enjoy devouring it ! Hahahaha Love this combination , and typically enjoy it at least a couple times per month .  If you happen to have made too much mash, please check out this recipe ...  you might find yourself making extra on purpose like i do ! hahaha

Peace Love and Good Food