Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sausage n Pepper Pita Pizza :)

Very similar to my last post of Chili n Cheese Pita Pizza ,but with a few extras ...

Ingredients :

1 Whole Wheat Pita
1 Tablespoon Salsa verde
1 Cooked Sausage ( Salt n Pepper )
1/2 a Red Pepper
1 cup of cheese , blend of mozzarella, gouda and 5yr old cheddar
Splash of EVOO
Salt n Pepper to taste


Crisp up the pita in the oven , 3 or 4 minutes per side at 350f
Spread the salsa verde on , and arrange the sliced sausage and peppers,
sprinkle with a little salt n pepper
Cover with the cheeses , and back into the oven on an oven safe plate
about 15 minutes at 350F , or 3 minutes under the broiler ...
and your ready to eat ! 

Simple, Good Food .. and the best part is its inexpensive and you can use whatever you happen to have in the fridge . 
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