Thursday, February 14, 2013

100 Blog Posts in, Am I a Blogger now ?

Hahaha some things still make me smile and shake my head ...I never in a million years would have thought I would become a Foodie , let alone a Food Blogger !  But here I am , making my 100th post on here :) With about 40000 pages views :) Now considering I did 50 posts in the first 6 months I have slowed down a little , as it took 2 years for the next 50!!! Hahaha I was concentrating on FB instead and just recently my Facebook page surpassed 7000 photos uploaded ... wow :))  With an average of 6000 views a week to over 70 countries , I am amazed !!   Thank you all :)   Im hoping it wont take me another 2 years for the next 50!

So Id like to celebrate by posting a few links to , previous posts , a couple old , a couple new ... and a previous milestone or two :))

Enjoy !

This one has been the most popular for two years running , and I still love making them :) Crispy Chili Cheese Bites !

Hummus was one of those turning points for me ... once I discovered I could make it and other dips , cheaper , tastier and healthier than store bought :) There was no looking back :)   Roasted Red Pepper Hummus !

and who doesn't like homemade bread !!!    Hahaha this is one that made me nervous , having had VERY bad luck with a bread maker...  I attempted a foccacia bread , by hand ... and success!!   Since then, Ive moved on to rolls, Indian Flat Bread, Pizza Shells .. and my latest favourite Crusty Bread !

One of the VERY few things I made from scratch before starting my foodie journey about 6 years ago ...  was Chili!   It was always my job to make a huge batch for Superbowl, or Guy Fawkes Night :)   Hahaha I should have seen the signs !    Recently I made  a batch for my own Birthday , here it is Birthday Chili :)

For those that don't know ..  Back in October 2010 .. I quit my career of 20 years , and embarked on a life changing path ...   first stop , farming!!!   Raising egg layers and meat birds on a local organic farm :))  So much better than the office !!  Hahaha

Here's the 50th post ... from back Spring 2011

and finally , here is the blog post that started this blog!!   Hahaha

Whats next ??  I'm not too sure, I'm now working in a catering kitchen, and following my passions as they appear .. lately photography has been taking more and more of my time , I am hoping to pursue that further , and continue learning ... sadly farming has dropped off , gardening is still a huge part of my life and my yard!! Hahaha I do know that in the coming week.. I'll be making homemade sausages !!!

Ill leave you with a rare shot of me,  taking during a recent outing with some fellow bird and nature photographers .. taken by friend Andrew of


  1. Rich,

    This was a fun read! You have come so far in the short time I have known you. From that frustrated and unhappy office worker to farmer, foodie, and photographer. You are following your dreams and seem to be successful at all that you do.

    There are not many who are brave enough to follow their heart, to try new things and explore the possibilities available to them.


    PS: I just love that photograph of you. Where was it taken?

    1. Thank you Lynda :) Yes it has been a very interesting journey ... I feel another change coming this year .. still not 100% what it will be , but something is gonna happen ! hahahaha
      Thanks I love it too , was taken on the frozen shore of Lake Ontario, felt like the artic ! but was only 15km from here

    2. Ha! I can hardly wait to hear what it is! Whatever it is, I know you will be fabulous at it.

      Oh, and Shhh... there may be a big change for us on the Farmlet in the next month. I sure hope so! Stay tuned! '-)